Request clinical study reports or data

UPDATE ON REQUEST PROCESSING (as of October 16, 2014):

Thank you for your interest in requesting clinical data from Janssen. Our process has been updated. Please note the following:

  • Already submitted a request? The YODA Project has finalized their policy and procedures for granting access to Janssen clinical trial data and launched their request portal If you have not already heard from them, the YODA Project will be contacting you with next steps for your specific request. While you may have submitted an initial inquiry to Janssen, a formal application will be required by the YODA Project. Data request application requirements can be found on the YODA Project website at Requests for data access will be reviewed and processed in the order in which completed Research Proposals are received. If you have any questions about your request, please reach out to the YODA Project at

  • Submitting a new request? Please click here to be taken to the YODA Project request portal. If you are not redirected, cut and past this URL into your browser: